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Sound American

Sound American is designed to work on iPads

Choose to become a confident, effective speaker of American English.

This cutting-edge online American accent training course frees you to study anywhere, at anytime, at your own pace, on any PC or Mac computer, tablet, or other mobile device.

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American Accent Training

Improve your Spoken English and Pronunciation with this American Accent Training book

Imagine yourself as a clear, crisp, confident speaker of American English. This book was developed for professionals like you who are serious about significantly improving their English pronunciation and speech.

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American Culture and Idioms Books

learn American idioms today!

Americans in business rely upon idioms and cultural references whenever they speak. Such expressions add color, vitality, and humor to their speech, and convey subtle meaning in ways not possible through formal language.

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Communication Coaching

communication coaching

Have you been told by your manager that you need to “improve your communication skills?” The reality is that gaining respect in the corporate culture requires more than hard work and job competence.

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