Communication Coaching

Have you been told by your manager that you need to
“improve your communication skills?”

The reality is that gaining respect in the corporate culture requires more than hard work and job competence. Successful business people must be able to communicate convincingly to managers, coworkers, and customers. Yet there are so many aspects to good communication! How do you know where to begin?

Jolinda Osborne is a communications professional who specializes in teaching non-native English speakers to become better communicators. With Jolinda, you will identify those skills you need in order to communicate effectively. And you will master them!

Communications coaching will improve your performance in challenging situations at work, including:

  • Making important presentations — Learn to structure and present your ideas, hold the attention of your audience, and respond to difficult questions.
  • Strengthening key business relationships — Understand how to build alliances, gain respect and trust, and resolve misunderstandings, whether you’re relating across cubicles or across oceans.
  • Expressing your ideas in critical meetings — Practice ways to enter into the conversation, concisely and convincingly express your point, influence the discussion with teammates and upper management, and contribute to the solution.
  • Leading and motivating teams — Learn how to encourage the exchange of ideas, run efficient meetings, manage conflict, and gain consensus.
  • Writing emails and reports that get results — Polish your writing to ensure that your audience pays attention to your message and takes the desired action.
  • Speaking with confidence and clarity under pressure — Improve your speech and pronunciation so that you are easily understood.

Is a communications coach really worth the time and money?

Individual communication coaching is one of the best investments you can make in your career. Excellent communication and presentation skills will propel you into leadership roles, transform the way others regard you, and enable you to navigate the corporate culture so that you may fully contribute your ideas, talents, and passions. With Jolinda, as your coach, you will:

  • Work with an expert who understands the communication challenges non-native English speakers face when working globally in English.
  • Target specific areas that will help you become a successful communicator.
  • Address real-time situations and opportunities that you encounter at work.
  • Develop insights, skills, and strategies from each coaching session you can immediately put to use on the job.
  • Receive encouragement, candid feedback, and rigorous instruction, all in service of your professional growth and success.

Where does the coaching happen?

Coaching occurs in person (onsite), by conference call, or on Skype. Jolinda has helped managers, executives, engineers, and marketing professionals become skilled communicators and advance their careers. Contact her to find out how she can help you.

Please email Jolinda at Let her know where you work (or where you plan to work) and, briefly, the communication skills you would like to develop or improve. Jolinda will follow up with an email outlining the process and next steps.

Payment for coaching can be made by your company through special arrangement with your manager, Human Resources, or Training department, or you can pay individually with PayPal.

Customized On-Site Training

On-site workshops for your diverse employees and cross-cultural teams are an excellent way to build the organization’s communication, leadership and influencing skills.

We have designed and delivered workshops in the following areas:

  • Cross-cultural training
  • Leadership communication
  • Effective presentations
  • Strategic communication
  • Leadership communication for women
  • American accent training
  • ESL training and classes

Please contact us to explore workshops and training opportunities for your organization.