American Accent Self-paced Training

Imagine yourself as a clear, crisp, confident speaker of American English.
Our educational products were developed for professionals like you who are serious about significantly improving their English pronunciation and speech. Master troublesome sounds, reduce your accent, and communicate with ease in any setting where American English is spoken.

Improve your Spoken English and Pronunciation: An American Accent
Course for Success in Business
Workbook with free MP3 download

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Read, listen and practice

This complete, stand-alone course is designed for the way adults learn. Educators will find the workbook and audio course ideal for classrooms.

  • Learn in depth how to produce all the sounds of American English through detailed instruction, numerous practice exercises with business vocabulary, pronunciation rules, and work-related dialogues.
  • Reinforce your learning by both studying the workbook and listening to the free downloadable audio in MP3.
  • Practice proper pronunciation, intonation and pacing by following Jolinda Osborne as she instructs and encourages you throughout seven hours of audio instruction.
  • Identify and target your most challenging sounds with study guidelines for 22 language groups.
  • Accurately distinguish sounds using the International Phonetic Alphabet of symbols.