Become a confident, effective speaker of American English

sound american

The ultimate american accent training solution for students and working professionals.

  • Six hours of video instruction
  • Printable diagrams, rules, exercises
  • Optimized for mobile/tablet viewing

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Fast-forward your career

Clear, correct American English is an asset in today’s diverse and global workplace.

Whether you’re meeting with coworkers across a conference table or by phone across an ocean, you want to communicate so that everyone listens to you and values your input.

When you know that your colleagues, clients and friends understand each word you speak, your confidence grows.

Project confidence, present your ideas, solve problems, influence decisions, and move your career forward.


Your teacher and coach

Jolinda Osborne

For over 25 years Jolinda Osborne has taught and coached professionals in small companies and large, multinational organizations.


Show you’re “in the know”

learn American idioms

Join your coworkers and friends in casual conversations by knowing common expressions and colorful idioms, and their origin in American cultural and historical experiences. Quickly grasp the subtleties of business discussions, and join your coworkers and friends in casual conversations.

Take the bull by the horns and discover what you’ve been missing when Americans talk.